Barefoot Sneakers Barebarics Wave - White & BubbleGum Pink

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Are you looking for an evergreen sneaker that combines classic design with modern barefoot technology? Look no further than the Barebarics Wave sneaker in White & Pink. Featuring premium Nappa leather, stitched sole, and a minimalist design with tasteful colourways, whether you are dressing up or dressing down, these versatile barefoot sneakers are guaranteed to elevate any casual outfit.

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Barefoot footwear attributes

Zero Drop Zero Drop
Wide Toe Box Wide Toe Box
Light weight Light weight
Flexible sole Flexible sole

Customer Reviews

Average rating based on 161 reviews

4.95 of 5 stars


Sven Verified customer

Just got my first pair of Barebarics and I'm super pleased! I've been wearing barefoot shoes for a few years, and as my feet have changed and gotten wider some of the brands that I wore in the beginning don't fit as well anymore. The Barebarics fit my feet great and are stylish as well. I've gotten many compliments on them over the past couple weeks. All in all I am very pleased and would highly recommend them!



Marta Verified customer

Es la primera vez que calzo unas barefoot!
Estoy encantada con el diseño y la comodidad.
Sin duda repetiré con esta marca ❤️



Oksana Verified customer

These shoes are perfect and very comfortable! Thank you



Niklas Nordin Verified customer

This shoe is very nicely designed, all the details form a perfect whole. I own Ranger 2.0 and Zing (white leather) before and am absolutely sure this model is of the same fine quality as these. However, I dare say that they are slightly narrower across the toes than the Zing. Nothing that bothers me but maybe worth considering for those with very wide feet. I still give this shoe the highest rating. One of the best looking shoes ever. For those who are thinking of buying a shoe in the same style from, for example, Nike or Adidas. Think again and buy these instead, you can thank me later!



Aki Verified customer

First time buying from Belenka but I am happy with my purchase. The shoe has more sole and is more rigid than my other barefoot shoes but still comfortable. They feel better after you have used them a little bit. I think these shoes are ideal on urban environments where you have to walk on very hard surfaces. The materials used seem to be high quality so hoping I can wear them a long time with proper maintenance. I think the styling is also very nice making them a good fit in urban environment.


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Description & Specifications

Materials used:

  • The upper is made of high-quality Nappa leather. This material boasts excellent moisture resistance and is easy to care for
  • The lining of the shoe is made from Dermodry Coolmax® technical fabric, which enables constant moisture drainage. This type of lining speeds up the process of moisture-drainage and sweat absorption, thanks to which the skin of the foot remains dry. Dermodry Coolmax® is a soft, light, and breathable material typically used in luxurious footwear models and undergoes the most demanding technical quality tests performed in independent laboratories
  • The sole is made from soft synthetic rubber with high wear-and-tear resistance. The Retro Sole draws inspiration from street sports and art from the late 20th century
  • The removable insole comprises recycled PU material and microfiber, which provides excellent breathability while keeping your feet dry

Barefoot properties

  • Anatomic shape – The sneakers conform to the shape of the feet, providing ample space for the toes during movement and preventing uncomfortable pressure and calluses.
  • Material flexibility – The flexible sole allows for natural movement without restricting the feet. This promotes the natural strengthening of the feet.
  • Zero-drop – The shoe’s heel and forefront are levelled, improving posture and balance.
  • Adaptive sole – The 4,5mm thick sole, without lugs, stimulates nerve endings, strengthens balance and provides excellent ground feel while protecting the feet.
  • Lightweight – The Barebarics sneakers are lightweight and provide no arch support, which prevents leg fatigue and promotes natural walking.

More info

  • Town footwear
  • Modern city design
  • Designed and hand-crafted in the EU, using sustainable materials from local sources
  • Excellent durability and long-lasting colours
  • Dermodry Coolmax® technology for continuous moisture drainage
  • Available in sizes: 36-47 (according to European measurements)

Size chart

cm inch
Size width Length
36 8,8 23,3
37 9 23,9
38 9,2 24,6
39 9,4 25,3
40 9,6 25,9
41 9,8 26,6
42 10 27,3
43 10,2 27,9

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  • položte papier vo veľkosti A4 na rovnú plochu
  • postavte sa celou váhou na nohu
  • ceruzkou označte pätu a najvzdialenejší bod od päty (nemusí to byť veľký palec)
  • pravítkom zmerajte vzdialenosť medzi týmito dvoma bodmi na oboch nohách (rozdiel môže byť ± 0,5 cm)
  • nameraná hodnota predstavuje dĺžku vášho chodidla
  • k dĺžke chodidla prirátajte nadmerok 0,5 cm, a tak dostanete ideálnu veľkosť vašej topánky (merajte dlhšie chodidlo)
  • výslednú dĺžku (dĺžka chodidla + nadmerok) porovnajte s údajmi vo veľkostnej tabuľke, ktorá je uvedená pri každom výrobku na našom e-shope
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Barefoot Sneakers Barebarics Wave - White & BubbleGum Pink Barefoot Sneakers Barebarics Wave - White & BubbleGum Pink
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Barefoot Sneakers
Wave - White & BubbleGum Pink

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